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W.I.T.S.  Brings Together Industry Leaders to "Unite into One Standard."

By  Dr. Amy Hyams

W.I.T.S. has initiated a new campaign to "Unite into One Standard" for the continuing education and training of W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainers and Professionals as well as certified fitness professionals industry-wide.   This goal of this new campaign is to not only raise standards in the training and practice of fitness professionals, but ultimately to encourage the industry to eliminate the disparity and in some instances, lack of standards, and go to ONE Source For Continuing Education and Training.   While this campaign begin months ago,  it will take on new momentum at the First Annual Personal Trainer Summit at the Club Industry Chicago Convention.

According to Jay DelVecchio, President and CEO of W.I.T.S. this shift to one source for standardizing continuing education and training is a new way of thinking for the fitness industry, but one that will improve the quality of training, be more efficient AND makes good business sense.  

Central to this goal of "Unite into One Standard," is encouraging all fitness training organizations to become Accredited by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET.)**  IACET accredits training programs who meet high IACET/ANSI Standards; and authorizes these organizations to offer official IACET CEUs for their programs.

W.I.T.S became accredited by IACET in 2006 and has recently joined forces with AAPT and IFPA, also IACET Accredited Authorized Provider (AP.)  While these three certification and training organizations have traditionally been seen as competitors, they recognized the value of coming together to "Unite into One Standard" for the industry.

The campaign to "Unite into One Standard" consists of the following initiatives:

  1. W.I.T.S. , AAPT, and IFPA have agreed to accept the CEUs from other IACET APs.  This means that W.I.T.S. Personal Trainers and other certified professionals can earn their CEUs from AAPT and/of IFPA from be confident that those CEUs will be approved for their renewals.  This agreement will extend to any other fitness training organization who earn the status of an accredited IACET AP.
  2. Encourage employers to ensure that their certified professionals are earning their CEUs from IACET APs and keeping their certifications current.  This has been very well received by fitness club owners and managers who want to ensure that their trainer dollars and staff time are being used wisely.
  3. Encourage certified fitness professionals to go to their certification organization and ask if they will accept IACET CEUs and encourage them to become an IACET AP, which will ultimately add value to their certification and credential.
  4. Encourage more fitness certification and training organizations to become an IACET AP and/or agree to accept IACET CEUs.  This initiative has been extremely well received and has resulted in more groups seeking the IACET AP application and moving forward with the application process.

W.I.T.S., AAPT, IFPA are excited to be working together on these important initiatives, which will ultimately result in "Unite into One Standard" for the training and professional practice of Personal Trainers and other fitness professionals.  According to DelVecchio, "Support for "Unite into One Standard" is growing.  Certification groups are beginning to realize that using ONE internationally recognized standard for Continuing Education will not only improve the status of our profession, but is cost saving to all of us." 

There are many opportunities to learn more about the "Unite into One Standard" initiatives and to become more involved.     First, attend the First Annual Personal Trainer Summit at this year's Club Industry Convention in Chicago.   Second, contact W.I.T.S, IFPA or AAPT to learn more about how they become accredited as an IACET AP.  Third, visit to learn more about IACET, the accreditation process and the IACET CEU Standard.   Finally, you can contact Jay Delvecchio at  to learn more and join the "Unite into One Standard" campaign. 

Special Note: IDEA ( ), ISSA ( ) and Fitness Learning Systems ( ) are going to apply to be an IACET Approved Provider. They can open their doors to more trainers for one standard of quality CEU and to make the process streamlined for the profession.

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training is a non-profit association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs. IACET accredits education providers that meet strict continuing education guidelines originally created in 1968 and recently updated by the IACET Council on Standards Development (ICSD). IACET accreditation is the standard learners seek for quality when they choose a provider. The ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard is the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide.

The History of IACET
IACET grew out of a National Task Force on continuing education commissioned by the U. S. Bureau of Education (now the Department of Education) in 1968. The Task Force included leaders in continuing education, such as the American Medical Association and American Nursing Association. The Task Force developed the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and determined universal guidelines for continuing education and training.

Jay Del Vecchio,
President & CEO